Join us in our journey as we create value and change the world

Always aiming to stay one step ahead, Mountasser focuses on bringing new ideas to the market by chasing new ventures into unknown fields.

Meet our Chairman
Our Mission
To enrich people’s lives through our relentless pursuit of excellence in every practice we do.
Our Vision
To become a leading organization that constantly focuses on revolutionizing the future of our customers.
Our People
We are dedicated to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation & continuous improvement.

Join us in our journey as we create value and change the world

Founded in 1998 by Mountasser Hachem, Monty Holding is an international diversified group of companies, anchored on providing the best-in-class solutions whilst supporting their clients, employees, and shareholders in monetizing their services.

Headquartered in the UK, Monty Holding has grown to become a major player in different industries, mainly telecom which led it to expand its portfolio of businesses across key sectors such as Fintech, F&B, hospitality, aviation, and many more.

Monty Holding Affiliates

Create long-term value for our stakeholders and make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Monty Mobile Monty Mobile
Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile is a global fast growing telecommunication company. Read More

Monty Finance Monty Finance
Monty Finance

Launched in 2021, Monty Finance UK is a global financial technology. Read More

Monty Mobile Monty Mobile
Monty Holiday Home

Monty Holiday Home is a vacation home short-term rental business. Read More

Monty Jets Monty Jets
Monty Jets

Monty Jets delivers premium flying experience to all popular destinations at the best rates. Read More

Goodmen Goodmen

Monty Development is a leading food and beverage company that delights its customers. Read More

Comium Comium
Comium The Gambia

A telecom pioneer in the Gambia offering mobile and fixed wireless telecom services. Read More

Eagle Team Security Eagle Team Security
Eagle Team Security

One of the leading security solution companies in the Middle East that renders services. Read More

Monty Capital Monty Capital
Monty Capital

Monty Capital specializes in holistic advisory. Read More

Monty Pay Monty Pay
Monty Pay

MontyPay is a global payment gateway headquartered in the UK. Read More

MyMonty MyMonty

MyMonty, a neo-banking platform offering an exceptional digital banking experience. Read More

Monty Club Monty Club
Monty Club

An exclusive space reserved only to Members and designed especially for their convenience. Read More

Monty cafe Monty cafe
Monty Cafe

Monty Café Premium boasts a casual environment best suited for your coffee breaks, work and study mode. Read More


Meet our Chairman

Behind Monty Holding, lies a leader continuously seeking blue ocean markets

With a futuristic mindset constantly tapping into new sources of growth and innovation, Mountasser Hachem is a natural leader committed to grounding stakeholders in their everyday life through flawless connectivity. Always aiming to stay one step ahead, he has revolutionized the digital era with innovative state-of-the-art solutions.