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A Word from the CEO

After decades of working in the telecom business, I have come to believe that winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

Indeed, Monty Holding started as a small one-office company only to evolve into a multinational corporation with offices around the world. Standing behind our staggering success is our unique customer service, driven by our constant willingness to do better by innovating and creating new means of connecting our clients. Technological breakthroughs and dedicated experts are our major differentiators in a constantly challenging telecom industry. The innovative solutions we bring to the market, the way we listen to our customers and answer their queries, and the way we observe the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards at all times to deliver a truly personalized customer experience; those are our assets.

Being a major worldwide connection player, monty holding also strives to improve its performance, expand its coverage, and boost its return on investment in order to remain a preferred global connection partner. To achieve these objectives, we work closely with our sister companies under the Monty Holding umbrella and persistently offer the most aggressive prices to connect our clients to the world through highly competitive Data, Voice and SMS packages.

At monty holding, we promise we’ll always put your business one step ahead, because your success is our most important reward. We will keep moving forward with technology no matter the challenges and we invite you to join us by constantly upgrading your business using monty holding’s revolutionizing solutions.

Be the first, be a pioneer with Monty Holding.


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